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We Loan Out Medical & Mobility Equipment!

People are surprised to hear that we loan out medical and mobility equipment for free to anyone in our community.

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Our first ever cookbook!
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Re-Live the Moments
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2021 Russell Lions Online Monthly 50-50 Draw

July 1st, 2021 was not only Canada Day but it also marked the beginning of a new Lion’s year. Not only that but the Russell Lions Club had some even bigger news! We were excited to launch our very first monthly 50-50 online e-raffle!

Want to get in on the monthly excitement? Go to www.Lions5050Draw.ca and buy your tickets today!

Below is the  complete list of winners so far...

July (2021)
Nattana Harris - Winner of $905 in the July 2021 draw

Nattana Harris ($905)

August (2021)
Nattana Harris - Winner of $905 in the July 2021 draw

Neil Coghlan ($505)


September (2021)

Kathryn Graham ($550)

October (2021)

Janet Pronovost ($540)


November (2021)

Neil Coghlan ($375)


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