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December 2020
Cash Calendar Winners!

Theresa O'Connor ($100)
Susan Chalmers ($50)
Francine Perras ($50)
Josh LeClair ($50)
Neil & Robyn Johnson ($50)
Bob Dore ($50)
Sylvie Lair ($50)
Ken Erickson, Jr. ($100)

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We Loan Out Medical & Mobility Equipment!

People are surprised to hear that we loan out medical and mobility equipment for free to anyone in our community.

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March 29, 2014
Russell High School
Cocktails Start at 6:00 PM
Tickets $50
(per person)

The Doc is Back & his Heel has Healed!

DocFest is back and so is the Doc! The Russell Lions’ enormously popular DocFest will be returning March 29, 2014. Once again, the Russell Lions, with the help of local celebrity Doctor Gerry Heymans, will be raising funds for the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation but this time, it will be for specific equipment to be used in the hospital’s birthing unit.

Why Another DocFest?
Outside of the fact that it was such a fun event the first time, the Winchester District Memorial Hospital’s (WDMH) birthing unit has the need for more infant Panda® Warmers.  The Russell Lions are answering the call!

The WDMH has listed this piece of equipment as a priority because of the growing number of births that take place at the hospital. The Hospital currently has two Panda® Warmers and one older warmer. It is important to have the same machines in order to eliminate the chance of error when dealing with different pieces of equipment. It also makes it more difficult for staff to learn the various technical requirements if the machines are not the same in each room. With the addition of another 2 Panda® Warmers, each room in the maternity ward would be equipped with one. Panda® Warmers are all-in-one devices that are used for every birth but are so versatile, they can be used in situations of premature births and other complications found at the time of birth.

In 2010, with the incredible support from local families, business community and event goers themselves, the
DocFest event raised over $34,000. Added to this, Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) matched the funds bringing the total amount raised close to $70,000. This provided a huge financial boost the WDMH’s ophthalmology unit. The Russell Lions hope that the generosity the community showed the last time will be present with DocFest2.

DocFest2 will take place on March 29, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. and promises to be an even more fun filled evening that the last time, complete with dinner and entertainment. Tickets are $50 per person and can be obtained at the Russell Pronto or by calling 613-445-2097.

For more information contact:

Lion Henry Staal
DocFest2 Committee Chairman
Telephone: 613-445-2097

Tickets on sale now at convenient these locations:

1119 Concession Street, Russell
  Downtown IDA Pharmacy
191 Castor St, Russell
110 Craig St, Russell
124 Craig Street, Russell


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